Inyathi club was established on 21 March 2009 and opened with a competition, where we had 54 participants that entered the competition. We host the birthday invitational competitions during March month every year. We also hosted the SA Championships for the first three years here at Riebeeckrand. The first chairman was Gerhard Lottering and during 2010 Frik Birkenstock took over from him as chairman and is currently still the Chairman at Inyathi Club. With the consent of the previous principal Mr. Gunter Biener, we got the use of the old .22 rifle range at Van Riebeeck to practice the sport. Gerhard Lottering immediately set to work, and developed the Archery Course to the current standard.


The first three years the SA Championships were hosted from Club Inyathi, namely Ruan Lottering in the first year. The next two years, we again hosted the SA Championship both times from Club Inyathi, namely Roelf Janse van Rensburg. Inyathi club has also produced some of the best girls in the country. Club Inyathi represent any school kid who wants to take part from any school. Competitions is solely between schools and NASP which make it purely a school-sport. Inyathi Archery interest group offers an after-school archery program for all students in and around Randfontein on the West Rand. All young people from Grade 4 up to Grade 12 are welcome to watch and participate.


This is an Outdoor Archery program that places all athletes and non - athletes on an equal level of progress and is perfectto take the shared experiences home afterwards so that the whole family and friends can participate.


This program builds discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem and sporting spirit and has the ability to make difficult and impatient people performers. The program is hosted at Riebeeckrand Secondary School and offer training to any person in Randfontein and surrounding area. (There is already seven schools' pupils part of the program.) Training and participation takes place on Mondays to Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00. The cost for participation estimates at R300.00 per year which also includes the training and use of equipment. All the participants and members are supervised by professionaly trained instructors. Competitions between members, schools and provinces take place during the year and then also a national championship is hosted every year.

The ten best performers at the National Level are annually invited to Disneyland in America to participate in an International Competition. NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) is an international school sport and is already offered in the following countries:

South Africa        Canada

United States      Namimbia

Australia          Â